Speaking Engagements

Russ Hafferkamp specializes in the following programming areas:


  • Athlete Career Preparation and Development
  • Sportsmanship
  • Student-Athlete Mentoring
  • Life After Sport
  • Leadership Development
  • Achieving Athletic Excellence
  • Ethical Decision Making/Problem Solving




Russ Hafferkamp Keynotes and Workshops that Inspire & Inform


Looking for a powerful, important social perspective for your next meeting or event? Want something enlightening and informative yet inspirational? The author of CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports is proud to offer keynote speeches and workshops that will delight your group.


Russ has the rare gift of reaching the hearts and minds of competitive athletes and teaching them the common-sense importance of address their future career ambitions. Russ is an engaging speaker that inspires men and women athletes to think smart about the future and take personal action. His ‘it-takes-one-to-know-one’ experience and reputation makes his ‘Leverage Your Athlete DNA’ presentation an important one that every competitive athlete needs to hear.
In a keynote presentation or dynamic half-day or one-day workshops, Russ guides you through his adaptation of his best-selling book CareerBall focusing on issues that affect competitive athletes as they begin their transitional process from sports to the working world. With real-world examples and a style that will reach today’s fast-twitch, low-attention span athletes, he’ll explain:


  • Career Athlete to Meaningful Career…What to expect and how to play your part in it!
  • Unique Challenges Facing the Competitive Athlete
  • Where is the World Headed? Employment Trends for 2010 and beyond
  • Understanding the Athlete DNA
  • Dumb Jock or Scholar-Athlete…Your Choice
  • Interpreting and Leveraging Your Athlete ‘Soft Skills’
  • Utilizing the ‘Good ‘ol Boy Network…Especially if You’re a Woman
  • High School Athletes: Plenty of Choices to Make
  • Real-World Strategies for the Collegiate and Elite Athletes
  • Overcoming Life’s Little Screw-ups
  • Tips from the Pros’: Career Pointers from Former Collegiate Athletes


Russ tailors each presentation to the needs of his audience. For example, you can select one key topic from his Leverage Your Athlete DNA presentation for an in-depth discussion, or he can cover up to 11 different topics as they relate to the career interests and emotional maturity of the audience.




To schedule Russ Hafferkamp for a keynote presentation, half-day or full-day workshop, please contact Russ via the Contact Form. Please provide the name of your school or organization, audience size and meeting profile, event date and location. Russ will make every effort to work within your financial capabilities and requirements.