Your Resume is Your Calling Card

Your Resume is Your Calling Card

Competitive athletes who are accustomed to doing rather than telling find it difficult to take an assessment of their skills that transfer to the work environment. But this important step in the job search process, the resume, is the most important step you will take as you begin the transition from sports. While there is no one right way to present your skills in a resume format, there are plenty of wrong ways, and everybody has to go through the step of preparing an effective resume that will help you get your foot in the door with a job interview.


Many students and athletes feel they are too young to start working on a resume. On the contrary, even for college freshmen, it’s not too early to begin your resume. If you have not prepared a resume, the time is right to get one started and begin to build on it with each passing semester or year. If you make an effort to constantly update and refine your resume, you are guaranteed that it will be a complete and effective document by the time you leave the world of sports and head off into the working world. Your resume has one goal: to get you interviews. It has to make the strongest possible case for your candidacy and create an image that will make people want to meet you.


Potential employers are looking for people who have clear ideas about themselves and what they do best. You need to prove with evidence that you have provided value in the past that is consistent with the value you will provide your new employer in the future. Initially, this is the job of a good resume.





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Russ Hafferkamp is the Founder and CEO of the Athlete Success Network and Managing Director and Co-Founder of Career Athletes, LLC ( Russ is recognized as a leader and coach in the career development of collegiate and elite athletes and is the author of “CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports” and "CareerBall: The Athlete Career Guide and Handbook".

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