Customize CareerBall

The #1 Career Preparation Guide for Athletes

is Now Available as a Custom Edition

“Adopted and Utilized by Leading NCAA & NAIA Athletic Departments, USA Olympic Teams and Professional Sports Agents”

8 Reasons WHY to Customize CareerBall

  1. The employment environment for recent college graduates will remain alarming high and is predicted to increase with new methodologies and trends in employment.
  2. For athletes, more time is now being required of them to commit to their sport. This is leaving many athletes far behind the career preparation-curve than non-athlete graduates.
  3. In May 2011, the NCAA Legislative Council ruled that Career Counseling services could now be offered exclusively to current student-athletes.
  4. Each Custom edition is written to speak to and support the unique skills and temperaments of competitive athletes… and leverage those particular strengths into the workforce.
  5. Each Custom Edition is personalized with exclusive title and branding for your school, sport or athletic department.
  6. Each Custom Edition inserts a Dedicated Introduction Message page from the Athletic Director, Coach or Varsity Club leader giving greater impact to your career development and Life Skills initiatives.
  7. Each Custom Edition includes up-to-date career guidance and preparation content that addresses all the current employment trends and hiring techniques.
  8. Affordable pricing packages are offered for all budgets on orders as few as just 12 books.

9 Ways HOW to Utilize the CareerBall Custom Edition

  1. Support various Life Skills programming and workshops (Career Night, resume development, networking, interviewing, etc.)
  2. Provide coaches with recruiting tools to show parents
  3. Provide coaches with tools to advise and assist alumni athletes that contact them
  4. Individual team coaches to give to their entire team
  5. Copies to incoming Freshman during orientation
  6. Copies to select athlete groups (Captain’s Table, SAAC, Varsity Leadership councils, Champions Forum, Team Captains, etc.)
  7. Ongoing career preparation seminars for Sophomore and Junior athletes
  8. Gifts to Senior Athletes and Award Dinners
  9. Various initiatives sponsored by Varsity Club and Alumni Athlete Associations (Membership drives, Career Night, networking, new member gifts, etc.)


TOPICS Found Inside

Your Custom Athlete Career Guide and Handbook


  • Athletics largely shape who we are
  • What can the athlete DNA do in the workplace?
  • Common traits within the athlete DNA
  • 10 primary reasons athletes are successful
  • 16 secondary reasons for an athletes success
  • Dumb jock or scholar-athlete….your call!


  • Start planning for your future career today
  • Typical college ‘career prep’ schedule to insure success
  • The #1 most valuable career activity you can do
  • Special issues for athletes considering professional sports
  • Make time for some experience in your after-sports transition


  • Finding the right mentor can help develop your career
  • Question to ask and how to manage your mentor experience
  • Creating and managing your network: Do’s and Don’ts to consider
  • Writing winning resumes and cover letters
  • Job interviews and what’s really important
  • FAQs that employers will ask you in various interview formats


  • How to identify your Athlete Core Message
  • What is your Athlete Trait Profile?
  • Finding the right fit: Identifying your work personality
  • Career trends to watch in the New Economy
  • 14 broad trends you should keep your eye upon
  • Business-as-usual is a thing of the past…self-responsibility is a must!


  • Overcoming life’s little screw-ups
  • Career pointers from former collegiate athletes
  • What advice would you give a current collegiate student-athletes?
  • What real-world advice do you have on finding a career?
  • What skills did you acquire as an athlete that you successfully leveraged?
  • Most of us will not be Bill Gates or LeBron James