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Russ Hafferkamp Life and Career Counseling for Athletes


Principle Benefits of Life and Career Counseling for Athletes


Because life coaching and career coaching are relatively new professions for the ‘under 30’ generation, and many younger people/athletes haven’t had any direct experience with this type of coaching, the question of why life and career coaching works is something I frequently hear.


Working with a Life and Career Coach provides significant tangible and intangible results for you. Some of these results include:


  • Create clear goals and a success plan to get there
  • Accomplish your goals
  • Leverage your ‘soft skills’ acquired through competitive athletics
  • Attain greater job/career satisfaction
  • Determine new career paths
  • Develop balance between work and life
  • Increase your productivity
  • Achieve better performance reviews
  • Enhance conflict management
  • Transition effectively in to new position/promotion
  • Become more assertive
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Make decisions easier
  • Become more self-aware
  • Know your road blocks/challenges and how to get through them
  • Navigate office politics, boss issues, and inter-personal relationships
  • Intelligently interpret opportunities from dead-end ventures and jobs
  • Make thoughtful choices about your future and future opportunity


Career Counseling & Coaching for the Individual Athlete & Teams


My career coaching and mentor practice is limited exclusively to competitive athletes and teams, primarily at the elite, collegiate or professional level and occasionally with high school athletes.


My practice is focused on five primary areas:


  • Life and Career Coaching   –  Whether you are planning your future steps away from a lifetime of competitive athletics, you’re dissatisfied with your current job/career and looking to make significant changes, or you enjoy your work but want more opportunities and challenges in your current professional role, Life and Career Coaching can assist you in clarifying what you want. We work together to develop action steps to get you where you want to be, and help you make the changes that lead to greater career satisfaction. Work More, Work Less, Work Differently. I help you design your career on your terms and stay with you to make it a reality.


  • Leadership Coaching  –  Whether you’re already in a leadership role and want to be more effective, or stepping in to one and want to exceed expectations, Leadership Coaching can provide you support and direction to avoid missteps and maximize your potential. Areas of focus may include your professional vision, producing results, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, team development and supervision and giving effective feedback. I help you maximize the leadership qualities you have developed as a competitive athletes and use these terrific skills to your best advantage.


  • Entrepreneur and Business Formation Coaching   – Starting your own business or making the decision to ‘work for yourself’ is an extremely important career consideration. This decision alone can mean the difference between a lifetime of incredible satisfaction and success…or a missed opportunity of gigantic proportions. Start-up Coaching is designed to help you navigate the realities of working for yourself, stress-testing your business ideas and theories and assisting you in making important connections that improve your odds for success. I believe that we all work for ourselves on some level…even when we are on someone else’s payroll. I will help you navigate the emotional and practical challenges facing your entre-preneur and intra-preneur opportunities. 


  • Promotion/Transition Coaching   –  Whether you’ve just been hired into your first job, promoted or just offered the biggest job of your young career, Promotion/Transition Coaching can support you in making an impact and adding value as quickly as possible. I support you in evaluating your job description and potential challenges, determining your priorities, using your strengths and resources effectively and developing an action plan for your first year. Also provides a sounding board for your creative ideas, boss challenges, office politics and help you navigate this important time of change.


  • High School Athlete Transition Coaching   – The successful high school athlete and parents are presented with a variety of intoxicating options as they consider the next step. For some, this is professional consideration with agents and contracts to interpret. For most, it is a decision of which college, which coach, which level and which opportunity will lead to a thoughtful, measured decision that is in the best interests of the individual athlete. I assist the athlete through this process, act as their personal resource to answer questions honestly, guide them through the myriad of options, expose them to new possibilities, and help intelligently navigate this important time of their life. I believe this is a family decision and I incorporate the athlete support group (coaches, friends, parents) into the decision making process.


Please contact Russ Hafferkamp via the contact form for further information on individual, team or group sessions.

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