Explore These Possible Networking Contacts


Expanding your basic network will necessitate getting outside your comfort zone and contacting an extended list of individuals and groups. Here are a few ideas where you can certainly identify potential network members if you spend the time and effort!


  • Friends and family
  • Athletic alumni associations
  • Former athletes from teams you’ve been on
  • In-laws and distant relatives
  • Neighbors (current and past)
  • Social Acquaintances (golf, swim, tennis, social clubs)
  • Classmates (from any level of school)
  • College Alumni (get a list of those living in your job search area)
  • Old roommates, dorm floor pals, sorority or fraternity alumni
  • Clergy and church members
  • Former teachers, professors and administrators
  • Parents of your teammates or children’s friends


Anyone you wrote a check to in the past year or saw for services:


  • doctor
  • dentist
  • pharmacist
  • optician
  • lawyer
  • accountant
  • insurance agent
  • travel agent
  • repair or trades person
  • Real estate agents
  • Financial consultants
  • Stockbrokers
  • People you’ve worked with as a volunteer
  • Manager of your local bank


Be sure to use the college career development and placement services, even if you only attended that college a short time and did not graduate. Many colleges keep a list of alumni who have agreed to assist current and former students in the job search process. Using this list to identify contacts in a desired target area can save you much time and greatly expand your network.


Don’t be afraid, and don’t dismiss anyone from your list just because you have not talked to them for some time. It is common to lose touch with family, friends, and colleagues as life situations change. If the original relationship was valued, your contacts will return your calls, and they will want to help.



About the Author

Russ Hafferkamp is the Founder and CEO of the Athlete Success Network and Managing Director and Co-Founder of Career Athletes, LLC (www.careerathletes.com). Russ is recognized as a leader and coach in the career development of collegiate and elite athletes and is the author of “CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports” and "CareerBall: The Athlete Career Guide and Handbook".

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