Building Your Network


In today’s new work economy, successful job seekers and networkers have navigated the break from old-school, passive job search roles (like  searching job boards, advertising posts, and random cold calling employers) by orientating themselves towards face-to-face action. Smart athletes now know that it is a first-move requirement in today’s job market that they present themselves to their network before anything else– to get a feel of what’s going on from many different perspectives and potential introductions that can save valuable time and trouble.


Everyone’s initial network consists of interacting with individuals whom they are closet to and feel most comfortable around. When you decide it is time to put the word out that you are looking for new or renewed career opportunity, you begin by calling your friends, family, teammates, and coaches.


Networking is increasingly taking on new communication forms in today’s high-tech world. Job seekers can take advantage of several websites and electronic databases conducting a job search, gathering information on the job market, and disseminating resumes to employers. The Internet also allows job seekers to network for people, information, advice, and job leads. Several websites will help you develop networking skills, as well as put you in contact with them for employment-related opportunities. These sites include a wealth information on the networking process. As an athlete, you should be certain to register with and consider opening an account at

About the Author

Russ Hafferkamp is the Founder and CEO of the Athlete Success Network and Managing Director and Co-Founder of Career Athletes, LLC ( Russ is recognized as a leader and coach in the career development of collegiate and elite athletes and is the author of “CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports” and "CareerBall: The Athlete Career Guide and Handbook".

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