Building a Base of Contacts

The following are some basic steps that will help you meet people in your field and network with them successfully.


It’s important to remember you are trying to get information from these people, and not necessarily a job. Coming right out and asking friends or associates for a job can put them off and make you sound over-anxious or desperate. Ease into your building your network by:


  • Start talking with friends, your coach, and close teammates. Even if they are not interested or employed in your chosen career, they may have information and contacts that can be useful.


  • Base your approach on how well you know and trust each person. Let him or her know you are looking for a job and you would appreciate advice, ideas, and suggestions. Bring up the subject of your job hunt in general, then ask if you can sit down to discuss it later. This is to enable your friend/acquaintance to prepare in advance.


  • Don’t be afraid to call people you have not talked with in a long time; most people are flattered when asked for advice.


  • Be open and go into details about the kind of work and organizations that interest you.


The more people included in your network, the greater the chance that you will hear about job openings. Likewise, the larger your network, the greater the chance that employers will hear about you when they have job openings.



About the Author

Russ Hafferkamp is the Founder and CEO of the Athlete Success Network and Managing Director and Co-Founder of Career Athletes, LLC ( Russ is recognized as a leader and coach in the career development of collegiate and elite athletes and is the author of “CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports” and "CareerBall: The Athlete Career Guide and Handbook".

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