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The Sport Athletes Play When They’re Through Playing Sports


CareerBall…is the #1 career guide that coaches the competitive athlete through all the steps necessary to prepare for and achieve a competitive edge in today’s job market.


Would you like to know how to leverage your athletic experience in the job market and throughout your career?


…Or how to differentiate yourself from the competition in an interview?


…Or have access to the playbook that is guaranteed to successfully prepare you for your career after sports?


CareerBall … is written primarily as a career resource and planning tool for the athlete, but provides the coach, parent and athletic administrators important background information to understand and address athlete life and career transition.


CareerBall … dissects the athlete DNA, informs athletes of the unique career development challenges facing them, and alerts athletes and parents to the dangers of tunnel vision, where sports becomes 100% of an athletes self-image.


CareerBall … answers the question of ‘what’s next’ for hundreds of thousands of competitive athletes facing career uncertainty, loss of identity as they transition away from sports and a changing employment landscape.


As an Athlete, You Will Discover:


• That athletics largely shape who we are and how to leverage that identity
• 10 primary reasons why athletes make great employees
• 16 secondary reasons for your success
• What is your ‘Athlete Trait Profile’?
• Do’s and Don’ts of networking
• The #1 Most Valuable career activity you can do
• 4 characteristics you should seek in a great mentor
• 5 killer resumes mistakes to avoid
• What’s really important on job interviews?
• 10 most important, frequently asked interview questions
• 10 career trends to watch in the New Economy
• 14 broad employment trends athletes should keep their eye on
• ‘Think Big…but Think Smart’ about your choices


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Learn all About the Athlete Personality… & how to Leverage Your Athlete DNA


CareerBall … examines the athlete personality and character traits that play into defining success in the workplace. Here is a partial list of important information we explore that can provide an athlete better perspective into themselves and dramatically help prepare for their future:

• Unique challenges facing the competitive athlete.
• The “dark side of the alpha male”
• Dumb Jock or Scholar-Athlete” stereotyping that can shape an athlete
• Interpreting and leveraging athlete ‘soft-skills’ after sports are over
• The keys to “overcoming life’s little screw-ups.


Among other practical job-search/job-find advice, CareerBall also explores:


• Important and timely resume and job interview skills for athletes
• The obstacles women athletes face operating in the good ‘ol boy network’
• Real world strategies for collegiate and elite athletes
• The importance of “knowing thyself”
• Where is the world headed? Key employment trends for 2012 and beyond
• Correctly assessing your “Athlete Core Message”
• “Tips from the Pros” – Outstanding career advise from former collegiate athletes


This is Your $12 Wake-up Call


Let’s face the facts: living in a post-industrial, high-tech society now requires all job-hunters to demonstrate both intelligence and concrete work skills- not just athletic accomplishments or a recommendation from important alumni. It is important to realize that we are now living in times when most of the rules of the employment market have changed. In the old days, career planning and development for athletes was rewarded mostly by networking and showing up for the interview.


Lacking the necessary skills and mobility required for getting the good jobs of tomorrow will be tough obstacles to overcome if all you have to show on your resume is a long history of touchdowns and team spirit.


CareerBall … puts to rest the notion that there is still job security or that people will have only one career in a lifetime. But, there may be a distinct advantage for the prepared athlete in this sort of competitive environment where jobs are scare and the applicants are many. Employers are taking a new look at highly competitive individuals that can stare down dire times, bring optimism and a work ethic to the party, and continue to build for the future.


CareerBall breaks down in the most simple terms what is most important to get on the right-track, starting from as early as high school, but focuses on college and elite athletes as they really prepare in earnest for a job and career other than sports.


The Bottom Line … For the athlete, the bottom line in today’s marketplace is clear: if you want to achieve success in your post-athletic career, you have to assume more self-responsibility and gather broader life and work experiences while you compete.

CareerBall is the #1 career resource that helps athletes prepare for this bottom line!


My Best Advice?

Don’t be asleep at the switch. Get yourself a copy of CareerBall! Unless you’re making seven-figures a year and signed to a multi-year contract, being a good athlete is no guarantee that you will succeed in your career after sports…or, for that matter, even find a job.


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